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Tips on tools and material, what I liked and what I didn’t

What Sander – My Sander Tips 0

What Sander – My Sander Tips

My sander tips for preparing a wall would be: Get a 1/2 sheet or a 1/3 sheet sander and supplement this with a detail sander.                   Get ones with the hook and loop attachment...

Thermal Stores 0

Thermal Stores

My house is in a rather cold spot in England, I measured it at around 860feet above sea level, it’s in the North and it’s on the edge of the Pennines. It can get...

Laser Thermometer 0

Laser Thermometer

My favourite tool I’ve bought in ages is my Digi thermometer. I bought this in the frivolous times when I was buying tools just in case I might need them. This tool was bought...

Dehumidifier 0


I had fixated that my house was damp and now I know better. However when I moved in I was convinced it had a really bad case of damp. I had viewed the place...

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